How to Compare Two or More Investment Properties

Compare alternative investment scenarios or different properties
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Updated 3 years ago

When you are narrowing down the search for your next investment property, it's often helpful to compare two or more properties side-by-side to find out which one will be a better investment. You might also want to find out how different financing options will impact your investment returns. Fortunately, you can compare an unlimited number of properties/scenarios with Zilculator effortlessly.

1.  Select properties to compare

After selecting two properties, you will see a new button appear at the top of the page: Compare properties.

2. Viewing the comparison 

When you open the Property Comparison page, you will see the properties you have selected shown side-by-side along with their purchase costs, rehab costs, financing, cash flow, profit, and return calculations. To quickly recognize the best and worst value for each metric, Zilculator highlights these using a red or green-colored font.

What's next?

The comparison tool is great for analyzing various acquisition strategies for a property. You may get very different returns when you are buying a property with cash versus financing it. To learn more about the advanced financing options in Zilculator’s financing module, check the articles below:

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