How to Publish Property to My Property Inventory Page and Marketplace

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Written by Zilculator Team
Updated 3 years ago

With the Zilculator paid membership, you can create your own property inventory page or use the Zilculator Marketplace to publish your deals.

There are a few simple steps to publish your property:

1.  Open your report

Navigate to your Properties page and open the report. You can customize your report further by using one of the presets or hide certain sections with the toggle buttons.


2.   Publish your report

Click the Publish button at the top of the page to open a Publishing module.

Next, select the Deal status (Active, Under Contract, Pending, Sold, or Other) and click Publish. The deal will be published to both the public Marketplace and to your property inventory page (if you have one set up).

To unpublish the deal later or to change its status, follow the same steps to open the Publishing module and click the appropriate button.

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