How to Load Rental Comps and Get Rentometer Estimates

Create a Comparative Rental Analysis effortlessly
Written by Zilculator Team
Updated 3 years ago

Zilculator partnered with Rentometer Pro® to show the industry-standard rental estimates right in our rental property report. Our software will show you Rentometer estimates and load up to 20 recent rental comps.

Note: This feature is available to our Pro and Premium users. Comparables are loaded automatically only in the United States and Canada.

1.   Open CMA module

To add a rental analysis, navigate to the report and scroll to the Comparative Rental Analysis section and click the toggle button on the left.

2.  View recent rental comps

If your property is located in the US or Canada, Zilculator will show you Rentometer estimates and load up to 20 recent rental comps, not older than 6 months.

Next, go through the list and select the comps that you want to include in your CMA by clicking the checkbox on the left.

You can re-order the comps by dragging them, editing them or adding notes by clicking the Edit button on the right.

You can also add comparables manually by clicking the Add comparable button. When you are done, click the Save button and review the final CMA in the report.

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